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Coastal Ebike Adventures LLC


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 Otter Lake & Mashes Sands Beach in Panacea

Your adventure begins on a paved bike path at the boat ramp at Mashes Sands Beach in Panacea.  You will then head off-road to experience Otter Lake in St. Mark's National Wildlife Refuge where breathtaking views of Florida Big Bend Scenic Byway will consume you.  We will then test your off-road skills by trekking through sandy and grassy trails back to another paved bike path that includes 3 rustic but well-maintained wooden bridges where bikers often have a front row seat to manatee activity and the wildlife and natural vistas of the beautiful Ochlockonee and Apalachee Bay Systems. This adventure concludes with the feeling of riding to the end of the earth onto Mashes Sands Beach.  

 St. Mark's National Wildlife Refuge

Come travel through a nature lover's paradise!  Whether this is your first visit to the area or a favorite location, you will experience this piece of heaven like never before.  Come with us to search for alligators, wild pigs, manatees, turtles, and birds of all shapes and sizes.   Bring your binoculars, cameras, and your sense of adventure, because St. Mark's never disappoints!

Tate's Hell State Forest & Ralph G. Kendrick Dwarf Cypress Boardwalk

See Ralph G. Kendrick Dwarf Cypress Boardwalk and ride through Tate's Hell State Forest.   You will begin just off highway 98 on the edge of Eastpoint, and bike off the beaten path past honey bee hives and over dry and man-made bridges to the centuries old dwarf bald cypress trees. Walk or bike up the boardwalk stand for excellent wildlife viewing spots. Welcome to a bird watcher's dream come true!

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"We loved Coastal Ebike Adventures LLC!  They were great to deal with and offered A+ service.  For a first time ebike rider, I was amazed how easy and fun it was to ride.  We're hooked and want to buy one for ourselves!  Highly recommend.  You won't be disappointed!"

Jake from Omaha, NE

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